Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Brett's doing the Rock'n'Roll Marathon

There was over 30,000 participates in the races. I was so happy we were able to find him, so we could see him finish. He did so good. It almost brought tears to my eyes seeing the finish line, and knowing that Brett set his goal and worked hard and then achieved it. Good Job, honey!!

Hillary's Beautiful Wedding

It was so fun hanging out with all my old roommates from Utah State!

My sweet friend Hillary and her daughter looked so beautiful at her wedding. Her first husband passed away 4 1/2 years ago in a car wreck. It was so nice to see her so happy and in love again.

Brynn's school end of the year party

The kids had a blast. Brynn won the hula hoop contest, and Brayden loved the big blow-up slide. Brynn has been doing some fun stuff during her last few weeks of school. She went to Legoland, she had a pizza party, and raccoon olympics. They only have one week left until they are out for the summer.

Memorial Day at the Beach

We had a great day at the beach with our friends. I didn't get any pictures of Brynn because she was boogie boarding the whole day. Brett and I actually got to go out together and boogie board. It was a blast. Then after we went over to my friend, Jenny, for a great BBQ.

My brother Daniel and Kylie's visit

Sunday, June 6, 2010


My spring women's soccer team

U pick Strawberry Farm

Kali loved it. She just kept shoving more and more strawberries in her mouth. All the kids ate their fair share of strawberries as you can see from their faces.

Zoo with cousins

Sleepover with Halle and Josh

Disneyland with Rusty and Tara's family

Brayden turning into a Jedi

He was so brave and never got scared. He really thinks he is a Jedi now. I posted the video of him fighting Darth Vader. It was for sure the highlight of our day because Brayden was so HAPPY.

Brayden playing t-ball

Mother's Day

Aubrey's Mother's day breakfast at her preschool

Muffins with mom

Look how big her muffin is!!

Amber's baby shower

Hillary's wedding shower and Girls weekend

I went with my mom and Kelsi to women conference in Provo. It was so fun.

Kali with her Great Grandma Johnson. Thanks to her great grandma and grandpa Johnson, grandpa and grandma Banks, and grandma and grandpa Johnson who all helped take care of her. Thanks also to Brett who took two days off work and watched the other three kids. The kids had a great dad's weekend, and I had a nice relaxing girl's weekend.

Park time

Brett enjoying the girl's scooters.
Kali's First swim